Mary’s Alles Kreta Premium Collection

Extra virgin olive oil from Crete
First class premium quality
The series "MARY'S PREMIUM ALLES KRETA" is an extra virgin olive oil, selected from traditional cultivation that groves in Messara in southern Crete.

The famous "Tsounati" olives are characterized as one of the finest quality olive oil in the world since ancient times. The olives are collected with great care and the pressing takes place within a few hours. The result is a clear, golden and perfectly balanced olive oil with a rich, fruity taste and in very low acidity. From harvest to production, everything in the procedure is purely manual.

‘Μary’s’ family: "Mary's" family has been growing olive trees and producing olive oil of the highest quality for over 160 years. The olive trees were planted and taken care by the love and passion of the ancestors. For many years the olive and olive oil production has been locally offered and consumed. Today, following the same steps of knowledge, experience and culture of the ‘grandparents’ the production is developed by using the latest technology of extraction insisting through to the manual cultivate and collecting tradition.
With the same standards, love and respect of the generosity of our ancestors and the majestic gifts of Crete’s nature we offer the unique products worldwide.

Facts: Olive oil with high nutritional value, produced by the rare and unique variety of olives «Tsounati», a variety which grows only in Crete. "Mary’s Alles Kreta" olive oil is characterized as unique by its sweet and at the same time mild taste. It has a golden-green color and is full in valuable nutrients. “Tsounati” is the oldest variety of olive three from olive groves and is said to be “the mother of the olive trees of the world” with trees in the inland over 3.500 years old.

Declarable additives: no allergens.

Cold extraction: The olives are pressed at particularly low temperatures so that the freshness and quality of the resulting olive oil is preserved for a particularly long time.

First cold-pressed olive oil: What is the «first cold pressing» olive oil?

What is special about the first cold pressing is the exceptional quality of the olive oil. This quality results from the immediate, daily processing of the olives. In contrast to other methods, the olives are pressed only once.

The olive oil, can be used daily in…
• For all types of salad
• For cooking, frying and deep-frying
• For your barbecue
• For cakes and sweets.
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